Mortal Kombat X Easy 2000~2500 Koins per minute

Easy method to farm koins on Mortal Kombat X
You can earn 700 coins every 10~20 seconds

Mortal Kombat X All Test Your Might Death Scenes

Here are all the death scenes from test your might mode.




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1 MILLION PSN Points Unlocked by Hakoom ( Playstation World Record )

On july 2008 i started trophy hunting with the 1st game to have trophies “Superstar dust HD”
After 6 years in july again i unlocked my 1 millionth trophy point on psn with over 35k trophies and 700 plats.
For people who dont understand what psn points are, they are nearly the same as xbox GS, and i have explained all in the video so check it out to understand more.

on 30 july 2014, Hakoom is the 1st psn user to break 1 million psn points.
And here is the video

And here are my statistics

700 Plats Unlocked by Hakoom

I have finally Unlocked 700 plats and made a video as usual !

How to become a Great & Successful Trophy Hunter


Here is a video i created with some tips and tricks to become a great and successful trophy hunter.


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