Is this the weirdest PSN game ever?


Have you ever wondered what is the weirdest game on the Playstation 3?

During all the years I’ve played games and trophy hunted I’ve come across some really weird games. However, this is absolutely the weirdest game I have ever come across.

The game takes about 20~30 seconds to complete, but if you are aiming to get a 100% on the trophies then you need to complete all 10 dishes wich will take around 5~10 minutes.

I wont explain more since i have made a video showing it from start to finish
Here is a video showing you the weirdest game ever !

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2 Responses to “Is this the weirdest PSN game ever?”

  1. weird says:

    You are the weirdest of them all to play the weirdest game

  2. エアジョーダン19

    Is this the weirdest PSN game ever? | Hakoom

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