LVL 80 480 Platinums & 800 games Shown Live



I have finnaly unlocked LVL 80 on PSN.  Along that, i got 480 platinums and played well over 800 games in total.



In this video you are going to watch me unlock lvl 80 with a game called Devil may Cry and unlock 480 platinums aswell, along side that i will scroll down the list of games i have trophy hunted since 2008 which is well over 800 games.

My profile is totaly legit with no hacks/mods.

There has been several profiles that are higher in lvl than me. But those users have used jailbreak to obtain that sort of lvl and trophy amount.. They even have trophies with a time stamp of April or May 2013, while we are still in January 2013..
I have been playing for 4+ years now and my videos have been on youtube since 50 plats. Most of the people who follow me know who iam and what i do everyday.

DmC *SPOILERS* in the video

Enjoy !

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